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Travel Expenses

A good perk of being a trainee is that whilst you are completing your Level 1 qualification and receiving a training allowance, you can claim back your bus tickets for your journeys to and from work and college. There are a few little things you must do to claim which are:

  • Buy a ticket that is the least expensive option i.e a weekly ticket rather than separate tickets
  • Keep your tickets and hand them in every week at college to claim the money back
  • The first £5.00 of the bus ticket is paid for by yourself but the remaining amount of the ticket will be reimbursed to you

If you do not catch a bus because you drive to work and college, you can also claim back a percentage of your petrol money if you live a certain distance from your placement and from the college.

If you have any questions about travel expenses, please feel free to contact us.


Contact Information

If you are interested in completing a Level 1 Traineeship qualification with Coleg QS, please feel free to contact us. CLICK HERE for our contact details.

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