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Why take on a trainee or apprentice


There are many good reasons to take on a Trainee. Here are just a few:

  • Any learner on a Traineeship receives a training allowance every week from the college and help with travel costs so you are not required to pay their wage
  • A young and enthusiastic trainee can bring new life and ideas to your business
  • A Traineeship programme gives young people the chance to gain valuable work-based knowledge and skills needed to progress to employment or an apprenticeship
  • You can work with and develop your trainee to learn the skills needed on site and become an asset within your company


Taking on an Apprenticeship learner has its benefits. Here are just a few:

  • The Apprenticeship is free for you and the apprentice; all you need to do is pay their wage
  • Having an apprentice can bring a new lease of life into the workplace and bring new skills and ideas to the table
  • Apprenticeships are work-based training that are designed around the needs of the employer
  • 71% of apprentices stay with their employers after completing an apprenticeship with them as they become a valued member of the team

The Apprenticeship wage is currently £3.90 or more and then after their first year, their wage is relevant to their age or more. After their first year, if the apprentice is 19 or over their pay will increase in line with the National Minimum Wage for the apprentice’s age. If they are under 19, their rate of pay will stay at £3.90 until their 19th birthday.

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